The Adventures of Awesomeknight or Morcia Chronicles are a series of stories consisting of the various adventures that Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, Awesomeknight, Jonathan, and various others have shared together in the Kingdom of Morcia. Many of these were originally 'role-played' in various Wikia chats featuring Clone gunner commander jedi, Awesomeknight1234 and Br1ck animat0r, although some only featured Awesomeknight and Br1ck. Some of the original chat 'role-played' versions of earlier stories were sadly never saved and have been recreated from memory or simply re-written.


These are ordered in roughly chronological order.

Miscellaneous Adventures

  1. The Metal Beasts in Talonjay
  2. An unforgettable trip through the vortex (leads into the beginning of The Metal Beasts in Talonjay from Clone's perspective)
  3. Crash Landing
  4. Clone's Return to Morcia
  5. Finding the Golden Knight

Morcia Chronicles

  1. Prologue (comic format)
  2. Elf Knight
  3. The Alchemist and the Dark Lord
  4. Elven Hospitality
  5. Third Battle of Morcia (where Clone went)
  6. William's Funeral
  7. Helpful Hogar
  8. The Meeting of the Wizard
  9. Defending Orkosan
  10. The Battle of the Badlands
  11. Legacy of Orlan
  12. The Grand Tournament
  13. Farewell Morcia

Alternative accounts

  1. A Stranger Arrives
  2. The Visitor From Above (The second version)
  3. Talonjay and the Metal Beasts (second version)
  4. Ship Break in
  5. Elf Knight (The original)
  6. The Battle of the Badlands (Original version)
  7. The Final Battle
  8. Legacy of Orlan (Original version)

Unsaved stories

  1. The Daleks at Talonjay (The original)
  2. The Voyage in the Southern Sea (The original)
  3. Finding the Golden Knight (The original)
  4. The Battle of Beeston
  5. The opening and second part of the original version of Elf Knight
  6. The rest of the Third Battle of Morcia (The original lost due to the stupidity of Clone gunner commander jedi (user) and Wikia's inability to add a redo button)

Unchronicled events

Events that are only ever mentioned and have never been depicted in any stories, including unsaved role-plays.

  1. Defence of Aldendan (1335), Sir Knight, Matteu and many brave soldiers defended Aldendan against Trolls, Goblins, Skeletons, Werewolves and bandits after they grew envious of the Human's prosperity which resulted in some bloody conflicts. (MOC: Defence of Aldendan)
  2. The Skirmish on the Ankoria Pass, a part of The Third Battle of Morcia in-which The Wondrous Dwarven Ruckus-causer first saw use. (MOC: The Wondrous Dwarven Ruckus-causer)


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