Aarlam becomes the king of Elves after Ophelia’s death and Arantha's "disappearance."
The Elves should say Aarlam is too young, and have that Nevle dude rule for a while.
Theos is the socially awkward, secret magician.
Also, because Knight steals the heart of the shield after he kills Mallock, the Shield of Ages should be reforged.
Styr (the next Mallock-like guy) should do orders of Mallock's "spirit".
Either immediately before or after the death of Mallock, Arantha leaves and doesn't return, it's not explained why but we should have a story to explain if and when he returns.
Arantha would be the next king of the Elves as the eldest son and war hero but he's just left!
We already knew that Arantha gave (stole) knight the King's helmet when he left to become the Dagger.
Reign of knights starts Clone's entrance, Jon/Robert's entrance.
Morcia Chronicles starts; battle of Beeston, Elf Knight, Alchemist and Dark Lord, Death of Mallock, "Death of Knight," end of Morcia Chronicles.
Rise of "The Dagger;" the purge of the badlands, the fall of the Elf kingdom (maybe), the destruction of Trebusia (maybe), End of Reign of Knights.
Nevle is supposed to be the drunk socially awkward leader of the Elves.