*The various armies of the alliance meet at the opening of the Badlands.*
*Hogar notices a blue giant troll from the Aldendan's army*
Hogar: "Gretta!"
Gretta: "Hogar!"
*The two sloppily kiss*
Knight: "Eww..."
*Jonathan, also from the Aldendan walks up to Knight.*
Jonathan: "Sir Knight, Celest and I were able to talk to Archard."
Knight: "Ah, good. So how shall we defeat Mallock?"
Jonathan: "Well, we'll need--"
*Just as Jon is speaking, he is interrupted.*
*Clone arrives from the dwarven army on a large beast.*
Knight: "Ah, there you are!"
Jonathan: "...what is that?"
Clone: "It's a tumble-beast; his name's Kordal. A wizard of the name Oliver, while summoning the tumble-beasts, let me keep one."
Jonathan: "Oh."
Knight: "Anyways, we were discussing the weakness of Mallock the Malign."
Clone: "You've discovered it?"
Knight: "Well, Jon has. He was telling me we'd need something... What was it, again?"
Jonathan: "...the heart of the Shield of Ages is the only way to kill him."
Clone: "He's in possession of it, though!"
Jonathan: "We'll have to get it from him somehow..."
Knight: "I'll do it."
Jonathan: "On your own?"
Clone: "Don't worry, I sense that he will survive."
Jonathan: "...alright, then. Please don't get yourself killed."
Knight: "I won't."
*From the great elven army comes Aarlam.*
Knight: "Hello, Aarlam!"
Aarlam: "Hello!"
Knight: "We were just discussing--"
Jonathan: "Sorry to interrupt, but where's Arantha?"
Aarlam: "Ah, yes. I was going to ask all of you if you knew where he was... He's seemed to have disappeared."
Clone: "That's odd..."
Knight: "He'll show up sooner or later, I'm guessing."
Aarlam: "Let's hope that when he shows up, it is before the battle..."
Knight: "Yes, now, let's discuss the battle strategies again..."
*They discuss the battle formations for a while and tell the armies.*
*The armies reach the menacing skull-shaped tower of Mallock the Mallign.*
*Sir Matteu, who was leading the Morcian Alliance, spoke out.*
Matteu: "Bring forth your soldiers, Mallock! We are not afraid!"
*Just as Matteu speaks, the piles of corpses begin to reanimate and get ready to fight.*
Matteu: "CHARGE!"
*They do just that and the battle begins.*
*Knight is slashing through skeleton warriors, trying to enter the tower.*
*Meanwhile, Aarlam and Clone fight together.*
Clone: "Aarlam, it's a dragon!"
*The scaled monster soars above the battle and breaths fire on many soldiers.*
Aarlam: "Hold on..."
*He takes out arrows from his quiver and fires at the dragon, to no avail.*
Clone: "That's not going to work..."
Aarlam: "Well, what is?"
*Clone rides off and defends a group of dwarves using machinery.*
Aarlam: "Ah."
*Aarlam joins in as well.*
*The dwarves successfully hit the dragon with their balista, killing it.*
*While Aarlam and Clone continue to fight, Sir Knight successfully gets into the tower.*
*He enters a large hall, lit dimly by torches.*
*Across the room are statues and ancient writing that he could not decipher.*
*In the center is a particularly menacing statue of a mysterious cloaked figure.*
*Beginning from behind the statue is a never-ending spiral staircase to the top of the tower, of which Sir Knight climbs.*
*Meanwhile, Jonathan fights skeleton warriors beside Sir Matteu.*
*He notices, from the horizon, a large structure growing larger.*
Jonathan: "Sir Matteu, I believe there are trolls coming from the north."
Matteu: "You are correct.... TROLLS!"
*Dwarves with mechanisms of their own prepare for their presence.*
Matteu: "Thank you for noticing. Is Sir Knight in the tower yet?"
Jonathan: "I believe so."
Matteu: "I'm worried, so I will enter it as well. Since you've proven yourself worthy, I'm putting you in charge."
Jonathan: "Thank you!"
*Sir Knight reaches the top of the stairs, and opens the door.*
*The room is full of many potions and other such gizmos, striking a resemblance to Archard's laboratory.*
*At the end of the room was Mallock, looking through the window, watching the battle*
*Sir Knight quietly takes out his sword and walks towards Mallock.*
Mallock: "I've been expecting you."
Knight: "How did you--"
Mallock: "I can sense things, in ways you cannot imagine..."
*He turns around.*
Mallock: "I can see things, I can hear things... It's all too much!"
Knight: "You're wasting my time..."
*He charges at Mallock, only to be knocked back my his electric magic.*
*Mallock walks towards Sir Knight, with his staff ready to kill him.*
Mallock: "The kinsman will come soon..."
Knight: "...Matteu?"
*Just as Sir Knight says that, Matteu comes through the door and charges.*
*Mallock tries to knock him back as well, but he dodges it.*
Mallock: "You are very skilled, my young friend."
Matteu: "I will kill you!"
*As they fight, injured Knight notices the heart of the Shield of Ages, and grabs it.*
*Matteu continues to dodge Mallock.*
*He then goes for a stab.*
*The sword goes through Mallock's flesh, but he is unharmed.*
*Matteu, who pauses in shock, is then electrocuted by Mallock's magic.*
Mallock: "Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about you, Sir Knight, brave hero of the prophecy, he who will free us, and so forth."
Knight: "I am the chosen one, and I will stop your tyranny."
Mallock: "Not if you're dead!"
*Mallock strikes lightning from his staff.*
*Knight pulls out the heart of the Shield of Ages, and reflects his power.*
*The great evil wizard falls to the ground and a shadowy smoke appears to rise from his body, as if a heavy burden has been lifted.*
Mallock: "Boy, come here.." *Knight stands still.*
Mallock: "I'm sorry for what I've done. All these years, I've been... ...controlled.."
Knight: "How so?"
Mallock: "I have no time to explain.. I must tell you about the prophecy and your destiny."
*Outside, the undead warriors of Mallock suddenly stop and become dead once more.*
*The trolls, being outnumbered, flee.*
*The dwarves, elves, and men still standing cheer. The war is finally over!*
Knight: "No, that can't be true..."
Mallock: "I'm sorry, but it is the gods who set forth these plans, not me. You must make a decision."
Knight: "No, I can't, I CAN'T!"
*Knight, furious, stabs Mallock multiple times.*
*Outside the giant doors of the tower, Knight appears.*
Knight: "The war is officially over!"
*The crowd cheers once more.*
Knight: "...but that does not matter as much. Matteu, the late William's greatest kinsman, has been killed."
*The crowd silenced.*
Knight: "But as with our other losses, we should learn to move on."
"People may leave our lives,"
"people we love dearly,"
"but life must keep going."