This page shall be for listing all of my stop motion animations.

All dates are for when the photos were originally taken, not when I originally edited them.


  • A series featuring Hedge Guy (secret alias The Gamer) and Hedge Boy (secretly an alien), and their arch-enemy Blanco (An alien with telepathic abilities). It possibly would have featured the third hero; Bomb Boy. A secret base set was assembled for this but nothing came of it.
  • A series featuring Jar Jar Binks and Mario. A house was made for this but nothing came of it.
  • A continuation of this. No more episodes were produced after the first but a photograph taken for an unproduced Doctor Who animation series shows the TARDIS having landed on the rabbit hutch, and also that the couple got another rabbit and dog after the events of the first and only produced episode. Another photograph shows an alien holding some kind of blaster hiding around the side of the house.
  • An unproduced Doctor Who animation series featuring the Twelfth? Doctor, Jake and Laura. Two trailers were produced for this: Trailer 1 and Trailer 2. It seems that the series would have started off with just The Doctor and Laura with Jake introduced later.
  • An animation featuring an unnamed creature and Clone Gunner Commander Jedi but gave up as both do not feature many interesting ways of which they can be shown.