Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Ship was a large space traveling vessel owned by Clone Gunner Commander Jedi which was used as a home and base for his squadron during the Clone Wars.


Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's acquisition

At some point during the Clone Wars, after Clone Gunner Commander Jedi had left the Grand Army of the Republic, and the rescue of the Female Clone, (CGCJ: Gunner to the Rescue!) he acquired the ship in currently unknown circumstances.


After a trip to the market place on the planet Ѩѫѭ ended badly, Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and his squad fled in the ship only to be met with force that, when the ship was launched into hyperspace, something it had never done before, it tore in half. (CGCJ: Battle for the Child) It is not known whether it was either somehow repaired or replaced entirely.

Order 66

Some time prior to this, Clone Gunner Commander Jedi smuggled Kordal aboard without his squad knowing. (CGCJ: End of the Squad)

By the time of the execution of order 66 it was used to transport Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and his squad to a planet upon-which the Grand Army of the Republic were raging a battle against the Sontaran race. Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Droid was left on-board during the battle. After the execution of order 66, only Snipe and Sparky managed to flee in the ship, leaving Brute to die, the Female Clone to be captured and later imprisoned, and Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and his Padawan to also be captured. (CGCJ: Order 66, End of the Squad)

Age of the Empire

During the age of the Empire, the ship was still in the possession of Snipe and Sparky who also still kept Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Droid on board. (CGCJ: Aftermath)


The ship contained many rooms including a living quarters where the squad could relax, (CGCJ: Battle for the Child) a storage deck where crates and other stuff were stored, (DW: Clones) personal quarters

Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's room and the living quarters were at opposite ends of a corridor. (CGCJ: Clone's Return!)