The Doctor
Previous Doctor


The Final Battle

Known companions:

Kate, Jason, Jake and Laura

Not much is known about this unspecified incarnation of the Time Lord known as The Doctor.


Travels with Kate and Jason

The Doctor once took Kate to Attralax, where she was worshiped as a goddess with parties and feasts in her honour. This was until she was found to not actually be a god and as a result was nearly killed. (DW: "Doctor?!")

At some point during their travels Jason joined them and at some point Kate and Jason argued in a car park beside the TARDIS. (DW: "Doctor?!")

Travels with Jake and Laura

Two Doctors

The Doctor meets one of his previous incarnations

Whilst fighting an alien warrior, with Jake and Laura, the TARDIS materialized and out came one of The Doctor's previous incarnations. (DW: New LEGO Doctor Who Fan Fiction Tie-in)

Undated Events