Dylanaethonian Aetherplith
Dylanaethonian Aetherplith

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Place of origin:

Britain, England

First seen in:

Clone's Funeral

Native time period:


Dylanaethonian Aetherplith is, by 2012, the last of the Elves of Morcia, a descendant of Aranaethanah Aetherplith.


He was born sometime in the late 1990's, to the last Elven couple.


By the time he started school, both his parents had died, making him the last of the Elves.

During his time in primary school, he was always bullied for his long pointy ears, so, when it came to him going to secondary school, he built himself a perception filter, enabling his Elven features to stay hidden. Yet, he was still bullied, for his intelligence and awkwardness due to fear of his Elven side being discovered.

Eventually, he befriended Tim, after two of Tim's friends had just disappeared, meaning Tim was also declared a "Loner," and the two of them soon became best friends. After learning to trust Tim, Dylan showed him his true self, much to Tim's initial shock.

One day the school burned down, rumoured to have been caused by some kind of demon, during this, Tim disappeared, leaving Dylan to believe that he had perished in the fire.

Later Life

He attended the funeral of Clone Gunner Commander Jedi. (CGCJ: Clone's funeral)