Failed Animation Series
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Stop Motion

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Clone Gunner Commander Jedi vs Hikaru

Failed Animation Series or, as it is labeled in my animation archive, Episode One, is, as implied by the name, simply an animation that was produced with the idea of it becoming a series but ultimately only one animation ended up being made.


An animation that was made to be a series but only one animation was made.


  • A Male Minifigure
  • A Female Minifigure
  • Neighbor
  • A Dog
  • A Rabbit


  • The Rabbit from this, and the dog, still survive.
  • In my LEGO Doctor Who Trailer 2 it is shown that the TARDIS landed in the house with The Doctor, Jake and Laura. Also shown was that, at some point, they got a second dog and Rabbit.
  • Another photograph shows an alien holding some kind of blaster hiding around the side of the house.