*Clone stands in front of Draketh, in the fields outside Aldendan, where he first crashed to Morcia. He speaks coldly, as if he's dead inside...* "Celest... and Knight... dead... all of them..."
Draketh: "…And Jonny and Robby?" *He laughs to himself*
*Clone speaks as if he should be angry, yet can't bring him self to anger* "...Jonathan, …Robert..."
Draketh: "What happened to them?"
Clone: "The Ophelia. Gone. Back..."
Draketh: "They survived then?"
Clone: "Yeah... when so many others didn't!"
*It begins to rain*
Clone: "Rain. You should head back to Orkosan"
*Draketh's beard becomes heavy as it soaks up the rain, he leans back allowing the weight of his beard to rest on his large beer belly* "I will be here for you! Just like the old times!" *He precedes to attempt to hug Clone, but Clone shoves him away*
*Clone screams at Draketh as the rain starts to really come down, there's a low rumble off in the distance* "NO! Don't you see?! The 'old times' are over! Finished!"
*Draketh finally takes in the situation, all his allies are dead or have fled, it is just him and Clone left* "Oh. Clone..."
*Clone, furious, lashes out at Draketh* "Spare me your drunken pity!"
Draketh: "Stay. Please, for me?"
Clone: "Why?! So I can gather dust like the rest of Morcia?! No... I can't stay."

Later that night, at the 'Knight and Clone' tavern in Orkosan

*The door bursts open, Clone stands, silhouetted, in shadow. He takes a step into the tavern, into the light. Revealing himself to be Draketh*
*Draketh stumbles in, crashes into the open door and falls to the ground. He then pulls off Clone's helmet and precedes to throw up within...*


*Something strikes Clone from above, light explodes, causing ringing to occur in his ears. The light fades and Clone finds himself in a very familiar room, confronted with a very familiar female Clone*
*Blinking from the now fading light, the Female Clone makes out the vague shape of a humanoid* "Who's there?" *The light completely fades... the Female Clones stares, wishing it hadn't!* "CLONE?! Where... WHY ARE YOU NAKED?!"