Main aliases:

The pretty woman with fiery hair



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First seen in:

The Daleks Invasion of Morcia

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Kate was a woman who traveled with the Doctor for a few years. She met him again when he appeared on her doorstep, a few years after she had finished her initial travels with him. She is the fiancee of Jason.


Travels with the Doctor

The Doctor once took her to Attralax, where she was worshiped as a goddess with parties and feasts in her honour. This was until she was found to not actually be a god and as a result was nearly killed. (DW: "Doctor?!")

At some point during her travels with the Doctor Jason joined them and at some point the two of them argued in a car park beside the TARDIS. She later acquired CCTV footage of this. (DW: "Doctor?!")

After the Doctor

After leaving the Doctor, she seemingly devoted her time to "following" him. She filled her house with newspaper clippings, DVDs and books featuring the Doctor. Her collection included several VHS tapes; ‘Leather jacket and that blonde one,’ ‘So sweet yet has no dress sense,’ ‘The Doctor and those kids’ and some CCTV footage of her, Jason and the Doctor arguing beside the TARDIS in a car park. She also owned as part of her collection; a TARDIS blue diary and a copy of 'The Recorded History of the Kingdom of Morcia'. (DW: "Doctor?!")

She attended Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's funeral. (CGCJ: Clone's funeral)