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Everything changes

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Laura is a teenage girl who was a companion of the Doctor and was present when he regenerated. She is also Jake's girlfriend.


New Doctor

She witnessed The Doctor regenerate whilst fighting a woodlice-like race of aliens and was shocked to watch The Doctor then kill one of them. (DW: Everything Changes)

Travels with the new Doctor

Following a distress signal, the TARDIS took the Doctor, Jake and Laura aboard Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's ship, where she met Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, the Female Clone and Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Padawan. She was annoyed when Jake briefly flirted with the Female Clone. This encounter ended with Clone Gunner Commander Jedi stealing the TARDIS, only to return it almost immediately. (DW: Clones)

At some point she encountered Silurians. (DW: The Survivors)

Arriving in modern day south England, The Doctor, Laura and Jake encountered UNIT and helped them in investigating a series of crimes committed by Trolls. (DW: The Survivors)

Tim and Sarah join on their travels

After Jake pestered The Doctor, he took them back to school to meet their friends Tim and Sarah, inadvertently discovering and stopping a demon that had been hidden within the school which resulted in the school burning down. Tim joined them in their travels afterwards, leaving Sarah and Dylan behind.

She, along with the Doctor, Jake, Tim, and Sarah witnessed Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's death and attended his funeral. (CGCJ: The Death of Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, CGCJ: Clone's Funeral)


She and Jake died during a fatal encounter with the Daleks. (CGCJ: Search for the Doctor, rescue a boy)