Mental Health Cause Advertisement
DSC 0090

Date(s) photographed:

15/03/2016 (First attempt)

No. of frames:

172 (First attempt)


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Test Animation

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Morcia Test Animation

This Mental Health Cause Advertisement is an animation produced in collaboration with a fellow student for my college course. This animation is restricted to being 30 seconds in length. The first attempt of this had terrible lighting so it was redone, twice; once partly with my physical involvement and secondly solely animated by my collaborator. After the animation had been photographed there was no further collaboration with myself and my collaborator creating our own final edits. My final edit achieved a distinction grade.


  • I had planned a completely different animation but my collaborator had a much better and unique idea.
  • The first attempt at this had to be redone due to very poor lighting.
  • The second attempt at this was only a small part of the animation and was redone due to it being easier just to do the whole thing again so all of it could match with lighting and quality.
  • The final edit is my own work with no involvement from my collaborator.