Did you read the prologue?

16:34 Clone gunner commander jedi

Not yet.... 16:37 Awesomeknight

You should. 16:56 Clone gunner commander jedi

I will, eventually :P 17:04 Awesomeknight

I'm still thinking of how to advance Morcia's culture, history, and religion. 17:13 Awesomeknight

Do you think there's a reason why Clone has run into Knight and many of his descendents? 18:08 Awesomeknight

And it IS random, obviously. 18:09 Clone gunner commander jedi

He goes looking for Knight but ends up getting the time a bit wrong... 18:23 Awesomeknight

Sort of the thing, I guess. 18:38 Awesomeknight

When in Clone's timeline is this? 18:38 Clone gunner commander jedi

All over it, the Pirate stuff is before he goes to the world of Ninjago but after leaving Morcia 18:39 Awesomeknight

Ah. 18:39 Awesomeknight

Why would he look for Knight, then? 18:39 Awesomeknight

It's confirmed that Knight is dead. 18:40 Awesomeknight

And when does Clone leave? 18:40 Awesomeknight

There will be two "deaths" of Knight. 18:40 Awesomeknight

First one is suspicious.. 18:40 Awesomeknight

..but is fake, but no one knows. 18:40 Clone gunner commander jedi

Read the article on my Wiki, I need to edit... 18:40 Awesomeknight

The other one he is absolutely dead. 18:40 Awesomeknight

Oh. 18:41 Awesomeknight

The first "death". 18:41 Awesomeknight

He probably thought that Knight had to be alive, so he searched for him again. 18:44 Awesomeknight

Especially after seeing the alternate timeline Knight. 18:45 Awesomeknight

Ninjago is canon, though? 18:46 Awesomeknight

D: 18:46 Awesomeknight

I don't want Ninjago to be canon. 18:46 Awesomeknight

Which Knights do Clone meet? 18:50 Clone gunner commander jedi

I don't know, I just think that whatever Clone appears in, that I wrote sould be "connon" 18:56 Awesomeknight

Canon. 19:06 Awesomeknight

I think the Ninjago one should not be canon, just a joke story. 19:07 Awesomeknight

Like the Red Nose Day Doctor Who episode. 19:07 Awesomeknight

The Fatal Curse? 19:07 Awesomeknight

Curse of the Fatal Death, that's what it's called. 19:08 Awesomeknight

Oh, and I'm going to tell you why Morcia is not documented in English history: 19:10 Clone gunner commander jedi

Ok 19:10 Awesomeknight

The Book of Morcia, the only history book in Morcia, written by each kings of Morcia, was burned years after Knight actually died. 19:11 Awesomeknight

Later, no one really remembered the history. 19:11 Awesomeknight

Most medieval history of England is fabricated. 19:11 Awesomeknight

Due to the lack of any source. 19:11 Awesomeknight

Though some is kind of real. 19:11 Clone gunner commander jedi

Oh, I sort of have made a copy of "The recorded history of the kingdom of Morcia" survive, in my stories... 19:13 Awesomeknight

Heh. :P 19:13 Awesomeknight

Things like that are illegal in Morcia. 19:13 Awesomeknight

To copy preacious documents like that. 19:14 Clone gunner commander jedi

(I was going have to be a personal journal of Clone's time in Morcia and his observations) 19:14 Awesomeknight

Also, in later years, the magic also sort of went away. 19:14 Clone gunner commander jedi

it* 19:14 Awesomeknight

And trolls, dwarves, and elves went extinct. 19:14 Awesomeknight

The magic was only there because of the sorcerer. 19:14 Clone gunner commander jedi

D: But Orkosan! 19:15 Awesomeknight

He was actually some sort of transcendental being. 19:15 Awesomeknight

Banished to Earth, or something. 19:15 Awesomeknight

And was also sent with a meteor containing a type of rock that his species can be killed by. 19:16 Awesomeknight

This rock was what was made in the heart of the Shield of Ages. 19:16 Awesomeknight

The magic was simply the energy from the sorcerer. 19:16 Awesomeknight

Some could contain it, some could not. 19:16 Awesomeknight

That's why some were wizards and some were not. 19:16 Awesomeknight

After the sorcerer was finally killed in 1337, all the magic was gone as the energy was gone. 19:17 Awesomeknight

Also, the Trebusian trolls who were strangers to Ashlar originated in Ireland. 19:18 Awesomeknight

The Mount Drake trolls were always in Ashlar, though. 19:18 Awesomeknight

And the kingdom of "Mercia" was a mistranslation. 19:19 Awesomeknight

The e's in Morcia looked a lot like o's. 19:19 Clone gunner commander jedi

You need to keep all this somewhere other than just a PM! 19:19 Awesomeknight

  • o's in Morcia looked a lot like e's.

19:20 Awesomeknight

How come, Clone? 19:20 Clone gunner commander jedi

Is this not what you want Morcia's hostory to be? 19:20 Clone gunner commander jedi

history* 19:21 Awesomeknight

No. 19:23 Awesomeknight

It is what I want it to be. 19:23 Awesomeknight


19:23 Awesomeknight

Also, the Morcians were not Christians. 19:23 Awesomeknight

When the Book of Morcia had been burned, Christians were in Morcia/England. 19:24 Awesomeknight

And so when the history was terribly re-written it said they were Christians. 19:24 Awesomeknight

Many of the artifacts found in England were also wrong. 19:24 Awesomeknight

Sutton_Hoo_helmet_reconstructed.jpg 19:25 Awesomeknight

This "Anglo-Saxon deathmask" was actually a helmet of dwarven warriors. 19:25 Awesomeknight

When dwarven warriors are burried, they were burried with their armor and helmets. 19:25 Awesomeknight

Because of honor and stuff. 19:25 Awesomeknight

You can put this stuff on your wiki if you want, Clone. 19:26 Awesomeknight

Also, the sorcerer's species also needed hosts. 19:26 Awesomeknight

Mallock and Styr were examples of its hosts. 19:26 Awesomeknight

The skeletons are actually not undead. 19:26 Awesomeknight

They're just telepathicly rebuilt and work like living beings, but without a conscience. 19:27 Awesomeknight

They can only do what Mallock says they should do. 19:27 Awesomeknight

(Is this blowing your mind? You're welcome. :P After watching a lot of Doctor Who, I've learned to think like this.) 19:28 Clone gunner commander jedi

No, I understand all this 19:28 Awesomeknight

I know. 19:29 Awesomeknight

But blowing your mind of how I thought about this. 19:29 Awesomeknight

In the Castle Roleplay, Knight finds himself in another world. 19:29 Clone gunner commander jedi

Not really 19:29 Awesomeknight

The portal he goes in is like a Time Fissure, but sends him to an parallel universe. 19:30 Awesomeknight

And where he is is technically Ashlar. 19:30 Clone gunner commander jedi

So that's how he ends up in Morcia and as a side effect he looses his memory? 19:30 Awesomeknight

The "Night Lord" in it is the Sorcerer, but the parallel universe version. 19:30 Awesomeknight

No, Clone. 19:30 Awesomeknight

He was from Morcia. 19:31 Awesomeknight

He went on a mission to find out what was in this portal. 19:31 Clone gunner commander jedi

Now I'm confused :P 19:31 Awesomeknight

And he came back. 19:31 Awesomeknight

With the same memory. 19:31 Awesomeknight

I dunno why he lost his memory from the start. 19:31 Awesomeknight

(You should read the Castle Roleplay, then.) 19:31 Awesomeknight

(Kahuka's.) 19:31 Awesomeknight

Anyways, that is just a minor adventure that takes place before the events of the Morcia Chronicles. 19:32 Clone gunner commander jedi

But thee's too many comments to sit through... 19:32 Awesomeknight

But after the events of meeting Clone and Br1ck. 19:32 Clone gunner commander jedi

there's* 19:32 Awesomeknight

Meh. 19:32 Awesomeknight

Stories are the only important ones. 19:32 Awesomeknight

But you don't need to read them. 19:32 Awesomeknight

Anyways, yeah, when Knights "dies", he becomes the White Dagger. 19:33 Awesomeknight

He has a private personal life, though. 19:33 Awesomeknight

With Celest and Arantah. 19:33 Awesomeknight

  • Arantha.

19:33 Clone gunner commander jedi

Is Knight still thouht to be a Time Lord? 19:33 Awesomeknight

(Arantha is also declared to be "dead".) 19:33 Awesomeknight

No, not a Time Lord. 19:33 Awesomeknight

That was a previous draft. 19:33 Clone gunner commander jedi

Ah... 19:33 Awesomeknight

But yeah, things happen in Knight's private life.. 19:34 Awesomeknight

..and Knight's family extends. 19:34 Awesomeknight

I have plans for other descendents of Knight. 19:34 Clone gunner commander jedi

I can guess ;) 19:34 Awesomeknight

Like one from Victorian times. 19:34 Clone gunner commander jedi

Any modern day ones? 19:34 Awesomeknight

Englishman, knows Jonathan Rogers and Robert Brown. 19:34 Awesomeknight

Gets a new job in America, though. 19:34 Awesomeknight

Yeah. 19:34 Awesomeknight

Agent Knight is a modern day one. 19:35 Awesomeknight

I need to think of ancestors of Knight, though. 19:36 Awesomeknight

After the Victorian Knight gets a job in America and stuff, that makes the descendents of him American. 19:37 Awesomeknight

So Agent Knight and Buzz N. Knight are American. 19:37 Clone gunner commander jedi

Cool 19:43 Awesomeknight

God, I'm making my own mythos. :o 19:44 Clone gunner commander jedi


19:51 Awesomeknight

Was LEGO wanting me to do this? 20:01 Awesomeknight

With the small amounts of puzzle pieces of a huge puzzles that I'm finishing? 20:01 Awesomeknight


20:01 Clone gunner commander jedi


20:01 Awesomeknight

Meh. 20:05 Awesomeknight

Maybe if I get into the film industry like I want to when I get older, I could make movies for the Morcia Chronicles. 20:06 Awesomeknight

Probably can't fit into movies, though. 20:06 Awesomeknight

There's so much stuff in it. 20:06 Awesomeknight

I feel so awesome right now, though. 20:06 Awesomeknight

Justifying fantasy into sci-fi. 20:07 Awesomeknight

Doctor Who has affected me in so many ways like this. 56 minutes ago Awesomeknight

You should probably put this stuff in your wiki now. 55 minutes ago Clone gunner commander jedi

Sorry, I can't at the moment... 50 minutes ago Awesomeknight

Okay. 50 minutes ag

To add on

Prisinorzero has some of the energy from the Sorcerer passed on from generations. He really liked the Harry Potter book series, so because he has this "magic", he tells people that he lives at Hogwarts. Exo-Force takes place on a different planet colonized by the Japanese. They built a bunch of robots and mechs there, but the robots rebelled against them.