Zero (Morcia Chronicles)

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Talonjay and the Metal Beasts


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Prisinorzero is a great wizard and member of Ravenclaw house.


He was a member of Ravenclaw house. Though he seldom wore the robes. (The Brickipedia Project) He has excellent broom skills being the Ravenclaw seeker. He also has the ability to apparate. (LEGO Brickipedia: The Video Game) He studied Muggle studies at Hogwarts. (Prisinorzero Comic 1)

He alerted Sir Knight to the Daleks presence in Talonjay through the use of a scroll and crystal ball that Knight had taken from Archard's laboratory. (AoA: Talonjay and the Metal Beasts) Later he summoned a dozen mighty Tumble-Beasts to the kingdom of Morcia, one of them being Kordal. (MOC: Clone and Kordal) Some time after, he left Morcia.

He later fought in a long and bloody battle alongside; Clone Gunner Commander Jedi and his Padawan, the Female Clone, Jonathan and Robert, and many others. At the climax of the battle, Clone was stabbed through his battle damaged armour by the Dark Lord of the Sith and in retaliation used his last burst of energy to stab the Dark Lord of the Sith in the heart, killing it. Zero refused to use a spell to pro-long Clone's life as it would keep him alive but in a lot of pain. The Doctor then arrived late, alongside his four teenage companions; Jake, Laura, Tim and Sarah. The Doctor, seeing the state that Clone was in, turned off Clone's life support, to end his painful suffering. The Doctor then took Zero and the others, leaving Clone's body on the battlefield. (CGCJ: The Death of Clone Gunner Commander Jedi)

He later attended Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's funeral. (CGCJ: Clone's funeral)