Clone's return!

Snipe is a member of Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Squadron. He has a very good aim and is great with guns.



Snipe was created like every other Clone.


Snipe was on the Senkust Squad, who were on a mission to locate a droid base on Tatooine. While on the mission, the squad were attacked by Tusken Raiders. All of them were killed. Snipe was not killed, though. He was just knocked out. He woke up and saw all the dead Clones. He was lost in the deep desert, only with guns and few food supplies. He trained himself in shooting, so he could catch food. After weeks in the desert, he became one of the best marksmen ever.

Joining Clone Gunner Commander Jedi's Squadron

Months later, a ship landed in the desert. Snipe chased it, hoping to find a way back home. The ship was owned by Clone Gunner Commander Jedi. Snipe joined his squadron, due to the fact that other clones could be frightened by seeing a "dead man".