Test Animations
Test animations

Date photographed:

25/02/2014 (#1)
04/03/2014 (#2)

No. of frames:

176 (#1)
173 (#2)


#2 Daleks... 1, 2

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Test Animation

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These two test animations; The Adventures of Sushi Thing and Daleks... were made for my college course, in preparation for my final animation. Ultimately, an edited version of Daleks... had to be submitted as my final animation due to lack of planning or time for a third and final animation. The Adventures of Sushi Thing will NOT be uploaded to YouTube any time soon.


Just two improvised animations as tests for my college course...


The Adventures of Sushi Thing;

  • Sushi Thing
  • Spaceman


  • A Character Building Eleventh Doctor
  • Three Character Building Daleks; two Time War, one Drone
  • Jake
  • Laura
  • Maxible
  • The Doctor (Both incarnations)
  • Tim


  • Both of these were improvised, with little to no planning involved.
  • Both of these were photographed using college cameras, meaning that the quality is terrible.
  • Both of these were animated with iStopMotion, at 12 frames per seconds.
  • The Adventures of Sushi Thing is a cut-out animation, whilst Daleks... is a found object animation.
  • The Sushi Thing and Spaceman were pre-made, which is a shame, seeing as the Sushi Thing is an amazing piece of art. It is also a shame that it had to be photographed at such a low quality.
  • A Jar Jar Binks Minifigure was brought in on the occasion of Daleks... being produced, but didn't end up being used, same with a small 16x16 green baseplate.
  • A college desktop and part of the wall make appearances in Daleks..., as does a piece of paper to the right, about half-way through, this was noticed and moved before the rest of it was photographed.
  • Editing commenced on Daleks... on 18/03/2014, and, thus far, has had sound added, making it the first animation of mine to actually feature sound.
  • It has now become apparent that these will have to be hastily edited together as my final animation, due to lack of time and planning for a final animation...
  • Editing on Daleks... finished on 25/03/2014, with special effects being added using Adobe After Effects, making it, also, the first of my animations to feature such a level of editing, this edit is what had to ultimately be handed in as my final animation. Meaning that The Adventures of Sushi Thing is now just some strange oddity that will not be viewed by anyone but myself... until the day comes when I decide to upload it to YouTube, which is unlikely to happen. Ever.