*The group of heroes stare at the scorched and steaming body lying on the ground, it is Mallocks!*
Knight: “But I was the one who was meant to defeat Mallock, save the whole of Morcia!”
Clone: “What do you think killed him?” *he presses some buttons on his Vortex Manipulator and starts to scan the body*
Aarlam: “The great evil wizard dead? I always thought Knight would be the one to save us all”
*Clone’s scan completes and he stares at the results in shock, he pulls off his helmet to get a better look, his eyes grow wide in shock and he staggers back slightly* “NO! It can’t be!”
*Tim, standing behind Clone, catches and helps steady him* "Clone? What is it?"
*Jonathan, stands looking over the cliff at the city below* “Umm, Guys… Mallocks body is the least of our worries...”
*Clone, Tim, Robert, Knight, Arantha and Aarlam all run up to the edge of the cliff, joining Jonathan, and look over the whole of Aldendan. It is a ruined wreck with buildings a blaze and falling!*
Robert: “The castle!”
Knight: “Celest will be in there!” *he attempts to run for the castle but Clone holds him back* “They’ll pay for this!”
Clone: “Oh, they shall! …whoever ‘they’ are”
*They all watch, right on the edge of the cliff, as a strange object zooms toward them, high above the city below*
Clone: “GET DOWN!” *he leaps to the ground and places his hands behind his head*
*The strange object zooms high above them and fires a bolt of energy at the ground making earth and dirt rise into the air and fall like rain, smothering the heroes*
*Clone digs his way out from under a mound of dirt and murmurs to himself* “Where is he when you need him?”
*Arantha pulls himself up and goes to help Aarlam but stops in shock when he looks up*
*Up in the sky, a small blue box falls out of a crack. On fire, the box zooms past the cliff, sending a strong blast of wind that knocks Clone off the edge!*
*Tim helps himself up and stares at the familiar blue box and watches as it crashes into the castle* "Clone! The TARDIS!-" *he looks about for Clone but cannot find him* "Clone...?"
*Clone hurtles down the side of the cliff and finally comes to a halt near a familiar ‘barrel o’ booze’*