*Clone and Draketh enter. They’d evidently been drinking, falling over each other and finding it hilarious, dragging a barrel full of empty glass bottles*
*Clone looks about and notices Knight sleeping on the floor, hugging his sword, muttering to himself about one day slaying Mallock in his skull tower*
Clone: “One day you shall Knight, one day…”
*Draketh sneaks past Knight and grabs a pair of shears from the small table next to the wall, he whispers back to Clone, through continuous giggling* “Hey” *he points at the shears, then at Knight, then at his own beard and then clips the shears in the air* “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” *he erupts into a coughing fit but recovers*
Clone: “Oh alright then! HAHAHA” *He forces the shears into his hands and then examines Knight*
Draketh: “Snip-snip”
*Clone snips the shears* “Snip, snip”
*Clone starts to carefully snip at Knight’s beard removing one hair at a time*
Draketh: “That’ll take all night!” *he snatches the shears away from Clone and just starts hacking at Knight’s beard*
Clone: “Draketh! Slow down. You’ll wake him!”
*Clone pushes a complex sequence of buttons on the peculiar device on his wrist, Knight’s chest stops steadily moving up and down*
Draketh: “The hell? You killed this poor knight!”
Clone: “No. All I’ve done is use my vortex manipulator here” *he points at his vortex manipulator on his wrist* “to freeze Knight in time-so he won’t feel anything while we do this”
Draketh: “You could challenge Mallock with a conjuring trick like that!”
Clone: “Nah, that Knight’s destiny. Now can we get back to the matter at hand?”
*Draketh hacks at Knight’s beard again and nearly cuts up Knight’s face*
*Clone snatches the shears back and carefully snips all of Knight’s remaining facial hair away*
Clone: “What a master piece! Now gather up the hair into this jar” *he grabs a jar from Draketh’s barrel and passes it to him*
*Draketh gathers up the hair into the jar and then erupts into a fit of deep, bellowing laughter* “We shall surly stay to witness Knight’s awakening!”
Clone: “Wouldn’t miss it, even if Daleks invaded the castle right now!” *Clone presses a button on the device strapped to his wrist and Knight resumes his steady breathing as he sleeps*
*Clone and Draketh sneak off to behind a big pillar situated at the back of the room*
Clone: “We mustn’t let him know we’re here…”
*Draketh lies leaning against the pillar, having already fallen asleep, snoring away, not too dissimilar to how a Giant Troll would*
Clone: “I did say to not try and wake him…” *He uses the device on his wrist to mute Draketh’s snoring*

~~The following morning~~

*Knight unsteadily sits up as he awakens after a night of trying to draw up plans on how to take out the Dalek saucer that hovers above the castle* “A new day, what shall it bring?”
*As Knight becomes aware of his surroundings, he spots Draketh right in front of him, passed out, holding a pair of shears and with a peculiar jar on his lap*
“Draketh? You were not here the last night…”
*Knight suddenly realizes that with Draketh being there, something isn’t right. He takes a closer look at the jar, noticing for the first time that a note is concealed within it. He takes the jar and pulls out the note*
“meetor nit,
Jar haz har in,
Nits har,
(Definitely written by Draketh, and not Clone trying to frame him and get out of the blame for assisting him in this… :P)
*Clone, hidden just outside the room hears an almighty scream of rage come from within!*
*Clone, still hidden, suddenly realizes the seriousness of what he and Draketh had done and runs off to go find the lad Tim to hide in fear of Knight’s fury…*