*Clone's Padawan, Jonathan, Knight, Prisinorzero and the Female Clone all watch in horror as the lightsaber penetrates and slices through Clone's battle damaged armour*
Jonathan: "CLONE!"
*With the last burst of his energy Clone gets up and slices through the Dark Lord of the Sith's armour, straight through his heart*
*The Dark Lord of the Sith slowly fades away, screaming* "NOO!"
*Everyone runs over to Clone and watch in horror and disbelief as he slowly and painfully dies*
Knight: "Zero, you must know a spell to pro-long life, right?"
Prisinorzero: "Yes, I do. But there is no point casting any of them..."
Jonathan: "Why ever not?"
Prisinorzero: "Because it would just keep him alive in a lot of pain"
Clone's Padawan: "I sense that my master doesn't have long left..."
*The Female Clone kneels down beside Clone* "He says that he would like to speak with Knight"
Knight: "Why me? Why not with his Padawan?" *He walks over to Clone* "What is it that you wish to tell me?"
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi whispers to Knight* "Take my Padawan, train him"
Knight: "Why?"
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi continues to whisper to Knight* "You know who he will become, we need that timeline to happen" *He hands his vortex manipulator to Knight*
*Knight takes the vortex manipulator* "Ok, I understand" *He straps the vortex manipulator onto his wrist*
Knight: "Padawan, come with me"
Clone's Padawan: "What? Why?"
Knight: "I'll explain later"
*Tears begin to well up in Clone's Padawan's eyes and his voice goes high and jumpy* "Master? Please? I don't want to leave you!"
*Knight sneaks up behind him, grabs his arm and they disappear in a flash of light and smoke*
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi speaks, weakly* "Jonathan, come here"
*Jonathan walks over to Clone* "Yes? What did you want me over here for?"
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi speaks, weakly* "I'm in a lot of pain can I ask you to end the pain? To put me out this torment?"
*Jonathan speaks, through tears* "NO! I wont do it-I can't! I don't want to kill you, you're the best friend I have ever had!"
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi speaks, even weaker* "Female Clone?" *He just about raises his arm for a few seconds to hold his lightsaber up to the Female Clone*
*The Female Clone nods* "Jonathan, Zero, get back!" *She grabs Clone's lightsaber and raises it above her head ready to slash it down and kill Clone with one swift swipe*
*Only to be interrupted by the rasping of some great and ancient engines*
*A blue box starts to slowly materialize onto the battle field*
*The box solidifies and a man followed by four teenagers emerge from within*
The Doctor: "Clone, I just got your distress signal" *He looks around the deserted wreck of what was once a magnificent planet then looks down at Clone*
*Clone looks up and forces a smile. He speaks, even weaker still* "Late as always Doctor"
The Doctor: "What happened here?"
Prisinorzero: "A long and bloody battle that we only just won"
Tim: "Doctor, who are these people?"
The Doctor: "Old friends, well, friends of a friend"
Laura: "And this friend of yours?"
The Doctor: "Down there..." *He gets his sonic screwdriver out from his pocket and starts waving it around Clone*
Jonathan: "Doctor? The Doctor?!"
*The Doctor flicks his sonic screwdriver in the air and then examines it. Whispering softly, he kneels down beside Clone* "Clone you've been stabbed, It's ok though, I'm here for you..." *As he speaks he sets the sonic screwdriver on Clone's life support, turning it off*
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi speaks, weakly* "Death has been waiting a long time for me..."
Female Clone: "Yeah it has hasn't it? All those near death experiences we've had" *She stands up stiff and salutes Clone* "It has been an honour being a member of your squadron-SIR!"
*Clone Gunner Commander Jedi raises his arm to salute but fails and sighs his last breath*
*The Female Clone bursts into tears* "Clone! What will I do now? It's just me left out of the whole Squadron!"
Jake: "She could come with us?"
Sarah: "Yeah, couldn't she come with us?
The Doctor: "I don't know. Maybe"
*The Female Clone wipes her tears away* "Yeah that sounds like a good idea"
Prisinorzero: "Hey, could you give me and Jonathan lifts back to our correct times and places? Please?"
Jonathan: "Yeah. please?"
The Doctor: "Oh alright, step inside my box"
*Jonathan and Zero enter the TARDIS followed by the Doctor's four teenage companions*
Female Clone: "But what about Clone? We can't just leave him here!"
*The Doctor quickly shoves the Female Clone into the TARDIS and it starts to dematerialize* "Don't worry, there are excellent undertakers"