Seventeen years and it's about time!
(YAY! a pun on the TV Movie's main tagline)

Let me begin this by stating that, as you know, I'm obsessed with the Eighth Doctor but this came as a beautiful shock to me. I wasn't too bothered about this, I thought it it'd be some crap with the Tenth Doctor and Rose, explaining how they come to be involved in The Day of the Doctor and that I'd watch it once and think it bad, but I was wrong, VERY wrong...

As much as I loved it, there were little annoyances that I noticed; the Doctor wasn't wearing his Dark Eyes outfit even though he had his short hair as per his Dark Eyes appearances and the fact that he was using his Sonic Screwdriver from the TV Movie and not the one he owns in Dark Eyes.

I now wish they hadn't shown the Eighth Doctor's regeneration, it means that there's now an ending to the greatest incarnation of the Doctor. :'(

My literal reaction to the regeneration: D': "No, no, no, no, *wimper*, no, no, no! **** YOU MOFFAT! **** YOU!" *punches screen*

But I do love this lovely piece of dialogue "Charley, C'rizz, Lucie, Tamsin, Molly, friends, companions I've known, I salute you..." I just love how it now cements the Big Finish audios as 'cannon' (Not that I doubted they weren't cannon, I always counted them, as they are far better than the main source of Doctor Who cannon, the TV series anyway)

"I'm the Doctor-but probably not the one you were expecting!" :D