This page is to present a list of all the stories/events set within the 'universe' created by Clone Gunner Commander Jedi, Br1ck Animat0r and Awesomeknight1234 in chronological order.




  • Clone's Detour (Set in the early 21st century)
  • The Search (Unfinished and now lost Doctor Who story)
  • Clone's First Trip in the TARDIS (Unfinished) (Upon arriving after the TARDIS takes them away)
  • Jake and Laura's first story (Unfinished) (School scenes)
  • The Survivors
  • The Doctor, Jake and Laura return to school to see Tim. Subsequently, the school is burned down by a demon, and Tim leaves with them in the TARDIS. Sarah and Dylan are left to believe Tim died in the fire.
  • The Daleks Invasion of Morcia (Unfinished) (Kate's house scenes)
  • Regeneration story (Unfinshed)

Unspecified future

Non-Canon/Alternate timeline

  1. A Stranger Arrives
  2. The Visitor From Above
  3. Talonjay and the Metal Beasts
  4. Ship Break in
  5. Elf Knight
  6. The Battle of the Badlands
  7. The Final Battle

If counted as part of the main timeline, these would be set after The Third Battle of Morcia, with King William dead and Celest having inherited the throne of Morcia. Although stories set after these, featuring the survivors of the Dalek occupation of Morcia, make the story canon, just set in an alternate timeline.

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